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Forest Mapping & the ETS

MAPS specialises in Forestry mapping. This involves detailed mapping from Aerial Photography, whether it is sourced from us or outside companies. We have a comprehensive library of photography and maps of Forestry Blocks throughout the country.

MAPS works with many Forest Owners, Managers, Consultants, Valuers, and Insurance Assessors throughout NZ to provide accurate area information for a host of purposes.

Emissions Trading Scheme:
MAPS can supply you with Shape Files of your forests for use in the ETS. We optimise these areas to maximise your benefit, while complying with MPI's requirements. We can seach for historical photography (e.g. circa 1990). If this needs interpretation for ETS compliance, we can assist you in the classification of ground cover.

Some reasons for detailed mapping are:

  • Accurate areas for contractor payments. (An independent viewpoint results in less disputes)
  • Fire control
  • Lease grazing
  • Maps for planning new development, roading, harvesting and silvicultural operations
  • Plot locations
  • Pest and disease control
  • Recreation
  • Search and Rescue
  • Valuations

Our experience is a long and dedicated affiliation with the Forest industry. We are very conversant with accepted and proven mapping methods, as well as being aware of and putting to use new digital technology now available. All mapping can be GIS ready for most GIS desktop systems available today.

In this digital age, maps can easily be made to suit your requirements with the use of colour and an unlimited number of ways of displaying graphical detail.

By using and being supported by one the most well known desktop mapping software packages in the world, MAPS can input its digital data to any GPS related service available now and well into the future.

Any photograph, map or map product produced at MAPS can be presented electronically to be printed anywhere in the world.

From contour mapping with stereo photography to getting accurate measurements for contractor payments, give MAPS a call on 06 355 1431, or email your enquiry to info@forestrymaps.co.nz

One of the team will be happy to help you plan the best product for you.